20+ Favorite Preschool Education Tools: Fun And Successful!

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Favorite Preschool Apps Games and Ideas

Happy Fall, my friends! Now that the Big Kids around you are back to their routines, it’s time to look for some new Favorite preschool education tools. Whether your oldest is just now ready for them, or you’re looking for something for the younger kids while the big kids are busy (homeschooling or off to school), I want to share some of our favorite preschool resources with you. These are 3-4-year-old tested, and mom and (homeschool) Grandma approved. They learn things without even realizing that’s what’s happening, and that’s my favorite way to learn! I don’t have regular ‘lesson times’ … Read More

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Sunday School Songs that Comfort In the Storm

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He's God the Whole World In His Hands

If you grew up in church, as I did -I was a 4th (living) generation Southern Baptist as a kid- then you probably have some favorite Sunday School songs that still go through your mind from time to time. Hopefully you’re passing them down to the next generation as well. As I play our favorite CDs during the day, for my little guy and I to Dance to, sweep to, etc, and as I sing to him when he needs calming, I’m struck all over again by just how meaningful these songs really are! The Truths I’ve known as fact … Read More

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Allegories, Adventures And Dragons, Oh My! Part 2

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Faith through Allegories

Allegories are very special to me. I’ve been drawn to them from a very early age. They can be fun, or serious, but they always make a point, in a parallel way, without just saying “You messed up. Look what you did/should have done/are capable of!” In that way, they are kind, and make you think. Some of my favorite Biblical Allegories are With that kind of example, reading allegories is one of my favorite types of fiction. I’m always learning something, scripture comes alive in new ways. Understanding Christ’s sacrifice better, or His love, or some other treasure. By … Read More

8+ Go-to Bible Storybooks-That Aren’t Watered Down

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8+ Go-to Bible Storybooks

First off, I struggle with choosing Bible Storybooks. Sometimes I get it home and find out it’s not theologically sound, or it’s totally watered down. I’ve gotten a few that had me itching to throw them away, and if you know me and books, that’s just not normal! I Love Books. I can rarely stop in the middle of a book, and won’t, unless it hits my 3-strike tolerance for inappropriate content. Poor writing or typos don’t usually phase me. Theological issues, well, that’s the only other thing that can stop me. Especially if it is something I want to … Read More

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Let’s Be Moms Multitasking Well

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Moms Multitasking Well? Absolutely!

Hey, how is everyone today? The sun is shining here, and the grass is green. We got to play in the water more than once this past week, and that never fails to make me smile. It gives me more motivation to do things, and to be active, than those rainy days do. But, even at that, finding ways of sneaking cardio in to my daily routines can be difficult. I have some pretty amazing friends who appear to be the definition of moms multitasking well. Sometimes I feel a little intimidated (or a lot intimidated, depending on the week). Taking … Read More

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Inspiring Action When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

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I Don't Feel Like It!

This past month, I’ve not gotten enough sleep, and we have had quite a few rainy days. I don’t know about you, but that combination often leads me to a place where I just don’t feel like doing Anything. Not my chores, for sure! Maybe not my Bible time. Not spending time playing with my four-year-old who switches gears (and activities) faster than my brain can keep up with. Or gets fixated on one activity that is my least favorite, and want to play that for hours! Coming up with another dinner idea? Really? Do I have to? 😊 Obviously, … Read More

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3 Awesome Faith Filled Adventures for Preschoolers

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Faith Filled Preschool Shows

Have you been looking for clean, faith filled adventures for your little ones? Something they can watch, and learn from, both basic letters/numbers kind of things, and healthy interaction with family and friends and neighbors? I want to show you 3 of my favorites, that I actually enjoy watching with my little guy. They are full of fun, imagination, moral lessons, and faith building activity. And the occasional jokes that go over the kids heads, are still clean and kind, which I Love! (It drives me BONKERS when that’s not the case) *Note that this post contains affiliate links. You … Read More

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3 Crucial Resources for Life Change for the Christian Woman

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Resources for Life Change for Christian Women

Are you feeling Stuck? Lost? Ready for Life Change, but not sure how to make it happen? The last couple of years, I struggled with feeling very stuck, not sure how to change, or what to change, or anything, but desiring to move forward to something more. I found these three truly life changing resources, and had to share them with you. They’ve made a considerable impact on me, and I hope you’ll give them a chance to change you, too. *This post contains affiliate links, please see my full disclosure here. Before we can truly change anything, we must … Read More

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3 Amazing Christian Time Travel Adventures

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Challenge your Faith with Christian Time Travel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself in another time entirely? This has always fascinated me. (And NOT just because Captain Kirk and Spock did that regularly😊 ) Would you be able to maintain your faith? Would you be able to embrace the challenge of life in another time, and share Jesus Christ with those around you? Or maybe even meet Him yourself, in a grand new way? With these Christian Time Travel series, you can explore the possibilities, and consider how you think you would handle things. I think they are all excellent examples … Read More

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Allegories, Adventures and Dragons, Oh My!

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Dragons can teach us Faith

Note, this post contains affiliate links. please see my full disclosure here. Do you like Dragons? I do. The good ones, anyway. If you give them half a chance, they can show you some of the best characteristics, the ones that inspire you to Live as Jesus wants you to. And the bad dragons, well, they show you what the consequences are for bad choices, and what you REALLY don’t want to look like. You can have some of the Best Adventures with Dragons, especially when written from an Allegory or Inspirational standpoint. Sometimes it’s easier to see Truth, and Act … Read More

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