Sunday School Songs that Comfort In the Storm

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He's God the Whole World In His Hands

If you grew up in church, as I did -I was a 4th (living) generation Southern Baptist as a kid- then you probably have some favorite Sunday School songs that still go through your mind from time to time. Hopefully you’re passing them down to the next generation as well. As I play our favorite CDs during the day, for my little guy and I to Dance to, sweep to, etc, and as I sing to him when he needs calming, I’m struck all over again by just how meaningful these songs really are! The Truths I’ve known as fact since I was a kid, because of these old Sunday School songs! Unpacking them now, as I sing them again, just amazes me. The people who wrote them must have received a “well done, good and faithful servant!” when they arrived home.

These complex truths, learned as a kid in a way that definitely sticks, and comes back to you when you need them, during storms (physical, emotional, spiritual) and good times, are such a blessing!

This was going to be a post sharing my Favorite Sunday School Songs, but, being in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, I will focus on the ones that bring me the most comfort in the storm. I’m posting this early, before we feel the impact of the wind and rain. I do have a scheduled Facebook post for Monday morning but assuming all is well, I will post something live Monday afternoon on Facebook.

Sunday School Songs for Confidence and Hope

He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands reminds me that God’s got it all under control. We may not like what’s going on. We may not like the anticipated or actual outcome of upcoming/current events. But, We don’t see the big picture. We miss the little things that God is using to bring His purposes about. How we deal with events, actually does effect those unbelievers and weaker believers we encounter! Instead of focusing on “why is this happening to me? I need to remember God’s holding me, the situation, and not only knows what is best, He cares for me, and is powerful enough to make it happen!

Our God is So Big (so Strong and so Mighty, There’s NOTHING My God Cannot Do!) See? I can’t just stop at the title on this one, had to keep going through the first line! Again, Our God is in Control. This one focuses on His creation, but, if the mountains and rivers are His, and He made the seas and the elephants, I think he can handle whatever is going on, don’t you?

This Is the Day The Lord Has Made l Will Rejoice and Be Glad In It. This upbeat song is good at pointing out that today is a gift, and we should treasure it. However, it’s also great for those days when you’re overwhelmed. When you must consciously CHOOSE to Rejoice. Just change the emphasis slightly I WILL Rejoice!

Sunday School Songs That Re-Focus My Attention

What A Mighty God We Serve He Is all powerful, and as the Hurricane Approaches, Remembering the words of this verse: He holds the winds in His hand, and He Is the Great I AM! Is very helpful.

To God Be The Glory (Great Things He Has Done) This one reminds me what God has already Done. If he can do all that (and in fact, already has done it), then He can handle my problems for sure, and yours too. Manmade and Natural Disasters have to pass through his fingers before they get to us. Give HIM the Glory, He Deserves it.

Jesus Loves Me-The FULL Version, NOT just verse 1! Yes, it’s cute watching a bunch of 3 year old kids sing the first verse, and it’s good for them to know it. But have you taken time to learn the whole thing?

  • “Let them come to me”
  • “wanting as a friend to give, light and love to all who live”
  • “He who died, Heaven’s Gate to Open Wide”
  • “I will henceforth Live for Thee”

Seriously, at least read the full lyrics, You won’t be dissapointed

My Son’s Favorite Sunday School Songs

I’ve Got Peace Like a River is one we sing regularly. Sometimes, we’re (I’M) clinging to it out of sheer determination, and sometimes I feel in in my heart, but God gave us peace. We can have it. It’s possible. And He wouldn’t have commanded Love and Joy either, if it wasn’t possible for us to have these things.

This Little Light of Mine is fun, and purposeful. It’s repetitive, and easy for little ones to remember, but the points are great lessons for all of us. Let Your Light Shine! Don’t Hide your Light. Guard it against attack. And endure, Shine until Jesus Comes.

I May Never (I’m In the Lord’s Army) is his all time favorite. He sings it several times a day. Maybe because of the actions, I don’t know, but it is a spiritual Battle Cry. We have to remember we are at war. We also need to remember that we’re on the side that’s already won. Not that we should be cocky, but confident. Remembering that the enemy will take his victims any way he can, he doesn’t play fair. But in the Lord’s Army, our eternity is secure, and our Hope is worthwhile!

Our Favorite Sunday School CDs

Here are some affiliate links (Disclosure Statement) to our favorite CDs. This way you can listen to samples of of the songs that are unfamiliar.

What Are You Singing in the Storm?

You can be sure that we will be singing a lot Sunday and Monday as you read this. The songs mentioned above, that do help comfort and calm in the storms of life, and a few others, to keep my son and I both calm (and whoever else is around and anxious) What about you? Do you have any songs from your childhood that help you? Or any hymns or contemporary songs? I’m interested. What Comforts you in the Storms you encounter?

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  1. I didn’t learn many in Sunday school growing up but my kids are learning tons! I love hearing my daughter sing “My Good is so big” and she does actions along with it. I’m so glad my husband and I have a church that invests so heavily in the kids.

  2. I sing to my kiddos all day every day and these songs have definitely been sung in our household! Thank you for such great reminders and walking me down memory lane!

  3. It’s so important to sow into our children the love of God and by using these songs, we instill with them truths that they can recall much later in life! Thanks for this great list!

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