What We’re All About

Hi, I'm Aryn

I am a Christian,
a Wife and Mother,
a Friend,
a Second Generation Homeschooler,
who is generally Optimistic

Family is so important to me. Family gatherings hold some of the most special memories! Of course, those gatherings mostly center around food, and games! And my favorite part was my Great Grandfather’s mealtime prayer. He always put things into perspective. Emphasizing the fellowship, the togetherness. Thankfulness. Lessons I try to keep front and center in my life today.

I’m addicted to reading-There. I said it. God has used that to teach me much, as He teaches me what is and is not acceptable, what is, and is not present in my life, based on these (most often) fictional stories. He uses them as a mirror; sometimes I like what I See, other times I don’t. I’d really like to share these with you, too! We can Apply Truth Together!

Let’s Explore

I believe God made our bodies in a very interconnected way, and that there are many natural ways to keep things working together, and working properly. Lets take this Adventure!

Let’s Talk About It!

Please let me know what’s on your mind. I’d really like to get to know you better! Is there something you’re looking for? Something that maybe I could help with? Contact me here.

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