Successful Menu Planning for Mood and Attitude Improvement

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Food for Mood and Attitude

Inside this post: Finding out what food does for YOUR FAMILY’S Mood and Attitude, free printables, and a limited time Menu Planning and Recipe Bundle Special! Hey, have you noticed that your kids are often more agitated (or agitating?) around 4 PM? Or your husband is cranky at 11.30 on his day off? or, just maybe, You’re out of sorts yourself at 2 in the afternoon? When was the last time they (or you) had eaten? What had you eaten? There are so many things that contribute to attitude and mood. Environment. Stress level. Sleep (or lack of sleep). Chemicals (in … Read More

Fantastic Fall Recipes: Easy, Healthy Allergen Free Favorites

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A Taste of Fall

Being based in Florida, it sure doesn’t feel like fall, so we have to create some of the magic of fall ourselves, with our food choices: enter my Favorite Fall Recipes! Finding ways to do this and stay Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Corn-Free, Sugar-Free… can be tricky, but it Can Be Done! Butternut squash soup, Sweet Potato-based “Fall Shepherd’s Pie” Stuffed Acorn Squash, Pumpkin French Toast!! Pumpkin Smoothie, Apple Crisp! Cooking and Baking have been something I’ve enjoyed since I was little. Not so much the cleanup, but I’ve gotten to the point where I see the blessing in that, too. Many … Read More

Living Corn-Free and Finding Fantastic Flavors

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Living Corn=Free

I have officially been living corn-free for nearly 3 years. I will freely admit that for the first 6 months, I did cheat some. But I started catching on to how my body didn’t like that one bit! I had several things that had just been ‘normal’ in my life, that really are not normal. When I had been away from corn, and then had some corn based treat (Rice Krispy Treats, or Tacos, or …) I found myself most uncomfortable. Sluggish digestion, itchy skin all over, etc. Now, I avoid corn like the plague! Even small amounts leave me … Read More

Nightshade Free-What to do Without Potatoes!

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No Potatoes? Try Cauliflower

When I was first tested using the Electrodermal Screening machine, one of the first things I was told was: You have to go Nightshade Free! This was primarily because of Inflammation, but also Digestive issues. When I was doing some research for you, this site seemed to explain things the best. Basically, not everyone has a problem with Nightshades, and not all inflammation is caused by Nightshades. But if you DO struggle with inflammation, it would definitely be a good idea to try a No More Nightshades lifestyle for a few weeks, just to see if it helps The hardest … Read More

Bookmarking Normal-BEFORE the Crisis

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Normal Numbers

(Affiliate links may be used in this post. please see the full disclosure policy here) We never know what exactly is ahead of us, do we? We’re cruising along through the day, then Bam! Your active kid decides to see just how indestructible God really made him. Jumped off of something he shouldn’t have been standing on in the first place, landing on something hard. Or sharp. Or running left, looking right, and-OOPS, that had to hurt! Or “mommy, my head (stomach…) hurts” and your child is looking a little green around the gills. Enters worry. As mothers, we often … Read More

Our Journey Towards Health: Gluten-Free & Beyond!

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Gluten Free and Beyond

Welcome to the Prep-session for my little guy’s birthday party! What to make for dinner was pretty straightforward. Baked chicken, and veggies. Dessert, with our health issues, seems much trickier. Added to that, he was still nursing almost exclusively at 18 months, would just spit food out, for the most part. Except for Dairy Queen Fried Chicken. For some unknown reason, he Loved That! No other proteins to speak of. Maybe a few snack items, but that was about it. I was exhausted (not getting to keep many of the nutrients I was eating), and running out of ideas. That’s … Read More