3 Amazing Christian Time Travel Adventures

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Challenge your Faith with Christian Time Travel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself in another time entirely? This has always fascinated me. (And NOT just because Captain Kirk and Spock did that regularly😊 ) Would you be able to maintain your faith? Would you be able to embrace the challenge of life in another time, and share Jesus Christ with those around you? Or maybe even meet Him yourself, in a grand new way? With these Christian Time Travel series, you can explore the possibilities, and consider how you think you would handle things. I think they are all excellent examples of incredible faith-building adventures.

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Evangelizing the Future with Christian Time Travel

The best way to be a witness in the future, is to  jump there with your very own time-ship. You can do this in John M. Grier’s Time Awaits Series.

In 3012: The Artifact, we start out a thousand years in the future, in a world that has incredible technology, plenty of complacency, no faith, and no children (they’re ‘removed’ before mom even realizes that she’s pregnant, and raised away from the general population). This future has a very interesting political structure complete with pockets of resistance. We find Jack here, desperately searching for his lost time machine, so he can get home to the 21st century. He acquires several friends, including Paul the archeologist and Suzi, a hologram built not too far into our future. Together, they wind up on quite an adventure, exploring Time.

They discover the ‘last holdout’ of Christians in a time (also not TOO far into our future) where they’ve been nearly eradicated. Talk about Christian Time Travel! Watching Jack as he is teaching his 3012 friends Paul and Janet accurate history, and about normal families, and faith, is so cool! It makes me wonder how easily people can coast along with what’s NORMAL, until and unless they discover something they value enough to Fight For.

This is followed by 3012: The Uprising, where Jack goes back to 3012, and finds things are very different! He jumps through time to try to mend the timeline, and, on returning to the future again, quite a battle erupts.

The Prequel, which really can be read first or last, Time Awaits: The Beginning, shows just how Jack acquired his unusual sea-going time machine, and his first adventures with contemporary friends, visiting Savannah Georgia in the 1880s.

Overall, this series is definitely Sci-Fi, Faith Filled and Young Earth. The few elements of romance are definitely clean, as is the language (as in lack of foul language). If you are a conservative and tend to like Sci-Fi, you’ll likely enjoy this series, and be inspired to stand up for your faith.

Christian Time Travel to Medieval Italy

Lisa T. Bergen’s River of Time series is a clean adventure, a story of learning and growing through adversity. The faith that these girls develop, both in God- thanks to an unusual (and unauthorized) priest, and in doing the right thing even when it is REALLY HARD, is inspiring.

It is also a Young Adult Romance. Whatever your feelings on teen romance I think this is a good choice. Gabi is definitely head over heels for Marcello, but when your whole world is pulled out from under you, you’re likely to be fixated on your rescuer, especially if he’s attractive and athletic, and Honorable. I found this series to be focused on building character, more than being “Christian” or “Evangelical” specifically. But that is wonderful and appropriate, because many who would be unwilling to read a Christian book, will still enjoy this, and encounter faith along the way.

In Waterfall, two teenage sisters (15 and 17) are on an archeological dig with their mom, when they go exploring, and wind up in medieval Italy, during a battle (separated of course, to add to the drama and suspense). After days of searching for her sister, Gabi-17, persuades the noble Marcello to take her to Sienna to look there for Lia. The girls are pulled into the tug of war over land between Firenze and Sienna, becoming pawns in a great takeover scheme. Their modern self-confidence and defense abilities make them stand out very dramatically, and get noticed, making them even more of a target.

The story Continues…

…with Cascade, Torrent, Bourne/Tributary, and Deluge. I just discovered that Lisa has written a second Christian Time Travel Adventure, set in California. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but am really looking forward to it.

Gabi and Lia’s journey-back and forth in time, and their day to day journey into their new futures, is so full of adventure, crises, and fun, that I couldn’t put it down. Watching Lia fight her fears, Gabi fight for what’s right, and learn more about herself and her God in the process, and solving the mystery of where different people’s true loyalties were, connected well with me.


I am currently enjoying Lisa’s Busy Mom’s Devotional. There are 52 Devotionals in this book. She mentions her research trips to Italy a few times, which is cool! But that’s not why I like this Devotional. I like it because she uses the Message paraphrase, which is so plain and understandable, and since I’m not familiar with it, that probably helps. Then she connects it personally with a life story that hits home to most mothers, and asks you to think, trust, and pray.

Christian Time Travel-The End Of Wales?

Welcome to Sarah Woodbury’s After Cilmeri Series

Here is another story I can’t put down. I actually preorder each book, paying full price, which is probably the ONLY books I’ve ever done that with. (no, wait-there is one other series. I almost forgot!)  Again, This is Christian in morality, values and certain conversations, especially in the later books where there is more interaction with The Church. It is mostly set in a time where Wales was excommunicated from The Church though, so there are no weekly services, etc. There is little doubt of the main characters’ faith, and values, so I’m more than satisfied.

Daughter of Time Quote

Daughter of Time was free on Kindle, so I checked it out, and was immediately hooked. Meg, American, of Welsh heritage, had married early, made a poor choice, and then lost him to disease. She and her 2 year old, Anna find themselves in 1268 approximately, in the company of the Last Prince of Wales. She remembers snippets of history, and enough of the language from her childhood, to get herself in and out of trouble, fought over by Prince Llwelyn and his rather obnoxious brother, and falling in love with the Prince. Meg has a hard time adjusting to not just speaking her mind when she has something to contribute, and Llwelyn has a hard time understanding the world she comes from, though he does eventually believe her (partly because she showed up in a car!).

The Story Continues…

After rather abruptly returning to modern times, the story continues with Footsteps in Time, when Meg’s children disappear on the anniversary of Cilmeri, where historically, Prince Llewlyn was betrayed and murdered, ending the independent royal line of Wales, and England gained complete control of that country. However, Here is where we really start messing with Time, because, if the Prince survives, then everything going forward must be different as well.

Meg herself returns to the past in Winds of Time, landing in Scotland, and has a challenging time getting to Wales to reunite with her family. At this point, The influence of this family from the future, really begins to impact the world, as they fight for their country, and create a haven for Jews, knowing they would soon be expelled from England. (and since, in real life those who bless God’s people are blessed, so why not extend that into fiction?)

Children of Time Quote

History Reimagined…

This is a dramatic history lesson, because it pursues the “what if” of history. If only this was different, what then? That domino effect is something that has always fascinated me. How each choice and chance truly impacts the future.  Watching Anna’s courage build was hopeful to me. Watching the different versions of the King Arthur legend, from the different countries, all finding their home in one person was pretty cool too! And watching this family struggle to improve the education and living conditions for those around them, encouraged me so much.

In each book, someone ends up returning to the future, sometimes accidentally, sometimes out of a desperate hope that it’ll work ‘one more time’ and that’s not always safe or easy, as each jump moves a little more into the future, with the powers of government being just a little stronger and more aggressive in their hunt for the time travelers. Another Conservative look at the future, though that’s just a very minor point.

Is Christian Time Travel Possible for You?

In my opinion, the qualities of a good book are well researched/accuracy, entertainment, believability – within the context of the story, and thought-provoking. When you can find that in Christian works, and throw Time Travel into the bargain, I’m all in! I think these authors managed it very well, how about you? If you liked these books, please join my email list to learn about other clean, Christian Adventures!

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    1. You’re most welcome, Keisha! It’s really amazing to think about the impact one faithful voice can have. It sometimes takes a dramatic scene change to realize that we need to speak up.

      Reading these stories was both fun and enlightening for me 🙂

  1. These books sound great! I used to like time travel books in grade school, I’ll have to pick up one of these and see if I still like it:)

  2. Books are such a fun, creative way to learn about our faith! Thank you for these great reviews! I can’t wait to check them out and add them to my reading list!

  3. What an interesting idea. Although I read very little fiction I do like dystopian fiction but I’ve never read one that had faith mentioned in it. Now I’m wondering what faith will look like in the future.

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