Exciting New Christmas Around the World Resources

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Christmas Around the World

Have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in different places around the world? What foods they eat, what decorations they prefer, even different countdown methods and types of gifts. It’s really fascinating, when you take the time to think about how diverse the world is, and how many ways there are to celebrate the Birth of our Savior, kindness, and generosity!

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A Quick Look Around the World

Growing up, I knew there were many different traditions, but even today, I really had no idea how many people celebrate Christmas differently than the American Tradition. Or that Christmas was Forbidden for almost a century in one country! (I’m not talking about Narnia either!) The ban was only lifted about 25 years ago!

You may be wondering “why should we care, we live here, not there!?” And I get that. But really, We should care. There’s much to learn from a study of the traditions of others.

  • Respect
  • Values
  • Perspective

Just to name a few. A better understanding of a culture’s Christmas Traditions leads us to an understanding of what that culture values. When we have that perspective, and respect for them, it often effects how we see (and treat) them at other times of the year.

Christmas Around the World Unit Study

I was recently given the opportunity to review a brand-new unit study for Elementary students. Christmas Around the World, a 24-lesson study, covering the traditions of 21 countries and the history of Advent, St Nicholas, and the Birth of Christ.

Each lesson has 3 pages, a fact-sheet or story-sheet, a Q/A page on what was read, and an activity page. There is also a passport available, for ‘tracking your travels 😊 It’s a very well-organized setup, complete for young learners to get a good picture of their world, and use several senses: listening and answering, coloring (sometimes freely, sometimes to accurately fill in from the fact-sheet) and a few craft instructions for hands on learning.

Launching Pad for Older Students

There is plenty of material here that can be used as a launching pad for so much more learning, as well! Traditional foods mentioned, that could inspire a cooking class, hints of things the older kids might want to research… Glimpses of history throughout the world that will lead the curious on an adventure!

It’s not just the ‘top ten countries everyone can name, either! Some of the countries may surprise you, but their traditions and faith might actually amaze you! South Korea, Croatia, the Philippines, Denmark? Poland, Greece, Israel? I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. I learned a lot reading through this myself!

Check it out here: Christmas Around the World.

Taking this Journey Around the World

Now, before you embark on this Journey of Christmas around the World, there’s several ways to go about it. You could do one lesson every day from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24. Or, Weekdays from Thanksgiving to New Year…

But, Since I love Christmas so much (I wear Christmas T-shirts on the 25th of every month year-round sometimes even the 24th too!), I plan to use this curriculum throughout the year. The first run through, with my 4-year-old, will probably be 2 lessons per month (24th-25th).

As he gets older, say maybe 3rd grade, I might even slow down to 1 per month, and pull in other resources, to get a deeper understanding of that particular country, it’s history, etc. Maybe even invite guests for traditional Christmas Dinners Around the World!

Yes, I like this unit study so much I plan to re-use it at least a few times! Just writing this I’m getting excited 😊

The Best Part: A Giveaway

Guess What! The Creator of Christmas Around the World, Laura over at the Awe Filled Homemaker, has generously offered a free copy of this Unit Study to one of my readers! Enter here, (or below) and don’t forget to comment first, for extra entry points! We will draw a winner on Monday, November 27th. (I will include a copy of the Advent Around the World Cards for the winner, as well!)

Christmas Around the World Is For You

Whether you homeschool or not, this study is something not to be missed. It only takes about 5-10 minutes per lesson, so it easily fits in to any schedule, and all you need is a printer and some crayons, markers, or colored pencils! And of course, curiosity/desire to learn. I really hope you’ll check it out soon!

Bonus: Around the World Advent Cards

In honor of this Fun Christmas Around the World Unit study, I have created something to go with it. Thinking about all of the wonderful advent calendars and cards and scripture lists that are available, I went in a slightly different direction.

Instead of the standard list of nativity verses, I thought we could focus on God’s Love for, and view of the World (All people of all nationalities). This advent card set has verses such as Exodus 34:10, and John 1:9-10.

On the opposite side of each card, there is a ‘fast fact’ from the day’s study.

By doing cards instead of a calendar, you can approach this study in whatever time-format you choose. A December study, a Christmas through the year study, etc. If you purchase a copy of the Christmas Around the World Study through my affiliate link, I’ll send you a copy of these cards for free!

Just Email me from the Contact Page, with your name, and the email address used to purchase. (make sure you mention Advent Around The World! I will get your PDF file to you as soon as possible!

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  1. Another blogger I follow has been sending out emails about how they celebrate Christmas in other parts of the world. Fascinating stuff. I don’t homeschool anymore but this sounds awesome.

  2. Having grown up in Guatemala and lived in England for 3 years, and now living in the USA, I have combined 3 cultures in my own celebration of Christmas.

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