Lessons for Moms (and Dads) from Storytime

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Reading to the Kids, Learn Grown up Lessons

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It is always amazing to me, how God works to multiply His message.

Isaiah 55:11 says:

“so My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.”

I always get excited when I see or experience that playing out.

He can have someone write books for kids, that moms will read, and have both the mom and her little ones get the lesson in a slightly different way, from the same 8 page board book, or 20 minute cartoon.

Max Lucado is GOOD at multi-level Lessons

Max created this garden, and populated it with insects, and a few other small creatures. Then, he puts everyday struggles in their path, and we get to see them work things out. Hermie and his friends are learning some foundational truths and principles together, in a way that’s fun and very engaging. Sometimes I think as a mom, I get more from it than my little guy does, but he really gets it too (and personalizes it well), as it was intended.

Lessons from Hermie Books

In THE FLOOD OF LIES Hermie is so focused on his own desire (this time a tasty treat), that he doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. Even after causing the garden to flood. His “creative” answers to the question of what happened, remind me of my own attempts to minimize my faults and redirect attention (Ouch). A good lesson for kids to learn well now, to always tell the truth. but how many of us grown-ups need to be reminded of it, also?

In A COMMON CATERPILLAR  Hermie and Wormie are in Comparison Mode. “God, He got this Amazing Ability!” God, She is SO Pretty” God, I’m SO Common!! There’s nothing Special about ME!” Don’t smirk. You’ve thought the same things. This one made me cry (I’ll admit that it was on the 20th read, but isn’t that it with Scripture too?). God keeps redirecting their attention to inward things-A Heart Like Mine. But of course, you know what becomes of caterpillars. The outward transformation at the end of the book, when Hermie finally “Gets” it, is cool. God wasn’t done finished with Hermie, Outside, or Inside. Something I need to be reminded of.

Lessons from Hermie Videos

In THE MANTIS WHO WOULDN’T PRAY, we see the journey from trying to talk to God on Our Terms (and Boy can we Milo miss the simplicity of talking to God), the way we think is best, for What we think is best, to seeing things HIS way. How God Answers our prayers, even when we don’t see it/it doesn’t make sense. We can be so focused on our desired outcome that we miss His Provision. How sometimes, God is using us to help someone else, and we don’t even have a clue 🙂 I don’t know about you, but sometimes I make prayer into more work than it should be. After all, we’re talking to our Friend, Father, our Comforter!

SCAREDY SPIDER, now There’s a story for you. I think this was my introduction to Hermie and Friends. That new visitor, who’s SO different, and SO intimidating, well…
Appearances can be deceiving.
All Spiders are scary. (or scared of everything?)
That woman has it all together, she’d never want to be my friend. (That woman has just as many insecurities as you, and is afraid you wouldn’t want to be Her Friend!)
If one of you is willing to show courage and reach out, WOW, New Friend!

In FRUITCAKE CHRISTMAS, sharing, and being kind, are the lesson points. But the target recipient? Not the ones like me, that I am more likely to find easy to reach out to. NO SIR. No, That’s not who needs to be shown kindness most. What did Jesus say? it’s not the healthy who need a doctor, it’s the sick. Do I try to reach out, beyond my ‘safe’ circle? Not really. That is scary. Father, Help me to see the way You do. Help us to have the courage to show Kindness to those who are “Other”

My 5 Lessons from Hermie and Friends

  1. Tell the truth without ‘filtering it’ to make me sound better.
  2. Inward appearance – Heart Matters, are more important. Both for me personally, and for teaching my son.
  3. Outward appearances can be deceiving!
  4. Be Kind. The results might just surprise you!
  5. God uses anything in front of me to get His message across.

He’s Pretty Amazing! But then, we already knew that, right?

Devotionals, or Storytime?

I’ve always been fascinated by multi-tasking. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. depends on what I am trying to do. But I can’t say I truly considered Devotionals for Grownups and Storytime with Kids as something that could be multi-tasked well. I was wrong. Again. I’m learning as much as my little guy is. How about you? What’s your favorite children’s book, and have you learned lessons right beside your kids? I’d love to hear about it! And please share this with anyone in your circle who reads to children, even if they only get to read to nieces and nephews.


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