Meet Lydia, Woman of Philippi

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Lydia, Woman of Philippi

Welcome to my first post as part of Celebrate Lit! Lydia, Woman of Philippi, By Diane Wallis Taylor.

Celebrate Lit is a really great group of Christian bloggers, who get to preview and review lots of cool books and get to share some occasional giveaways with you, our readers, in addition to getting some quality reviews before you spend your hard-earned money on a new book.

The more time I spend in Biblical fiction, the more I start wondering about what happened before, or after that little 2-minute scene we get to see. Who were these people? What drove them? Personalities? Questions we don’t get answers to right now, but through creative authors like Diane, we can get a glimpse of what might have been. I had just finished enjoying one of Diane’s earlier books, Martha (which connected some dots I had missed!) when I saw this opportunity, so I knew it would be good. I was right.

I’ll start by introducing the book to you, then jump to my thoughts. (Note, this post contains affiliate links, please see my full disclosure here) Don’t miss the Giveaway at the bottom of the post!


About Lydia, Woman of Philippi


Author: Diana Wallis Taylor

Genre: Biblical Fiction

Release Date: October 3, 2017

Smart, strong, and a follower of the Jewish God, Lydia has nonetheless quietly conformed to the expectations of the wealthy Roman society into which she was born. Her father marries her off at age fifteen to a much older man whom she dislikes. Despite an unpleasant wedding and a marriage that doesn’t improve with age, Lydia remains a dutiful and faithful wife. When her husband is killed, years later, Lydia vows to remain single and returns to her father’s house in Thyatira with her twelve-year-old daughter.

There, a new life begins to emerge as she is trained in the family dye business. Lydia displays an aptitude for trade in the male-dominated world of first century commerce. Her brother, who had chosen service in the Roman army rather than work in his father’s business, is at odds with his sister. Jealous of her quiet success as she learns the dye business, he’s especially befuddled by what he considers to be Lydia’s obsession with the Jewish religion. When their father dies, Cassius inherits the family’s home; Lydia inherits the business, and unbeknownst to her brother, a small villa in the city of Philippi.

Lydia flees with her mother and daughter to Philippi where she sets up shop. At the mercy of a patriarchal society, Lydia needs a man to serve as the public face for her business. She discovers the right person in the handsome face of Greek man she’d hired — an employee with whom she develops a close friendship. The plot thickens as Lydia meets a strange man named Paul the apostle who is stirring up crowds in town. When Lydia’s brother shows up in Philippi, determined to force her to sell the business, he discovers plenty of fuel to accomplish his goals.


Lydia, Woman of Philippi

My Review of Lydia


In Lydia, Woman of Philippi, we meet a young woman watching generational sin getting its’ way. Dealing with difficult circumstances, and still knowing that Adonai Is with her; Watching over her; Loves her. Growing stronger through adversity, by relying on the God of her mother’s people. Lydia has been a “God-Fearer” since childhood. I was encouraged by her handling of adversity, and confidence that God was with her, looking out for her. Providing needed assistance just at the right moment.

Cassius, the obnoxious and selfish little brother had far too much power, and overall, made a very good Antagonist to the story. You were never really surprised by his behavior, but disappointed that he never seemed to ‘get’ it.

The way Diane does us the favor of mentioning the Psalm chapter references, so we can go look it up, and study God’s word for ourselves, is so kind, and unobtrusive.

Watching Lydia struggle with the whole “Class” issue, was fascinating. Concern for appearances, Fear of loss, etc, between gender class, and the superiority complex of the wealthy Romans vs any other class of citizens, reminds me of our current situation. Everyone thinking their category of humanity is more valuable than any other. Most of us know that we are all “One in Christ” but acting like it, that’s the hard part!

One of my absolute favorite parts, was Paul’s tutorials. They get to have a Passover meal, and as it is mostly Gentile believers, Paul walks them through the meaning and significance of each step. This was HUGE!

You can purchase your copy here.

Lydia, Woman of Philippi Quote

About the Author:

Diana Wallis Taylor is best known for her creative stories based on women in the Bible. Thousands have read and enjoyed her books including Mary Chosen of God, Ruth, Mother of Kings, MarthaJourney to the WellMary Magdalene, and Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors with the San Diego Library naming her one of 12 “Writers to Watch” in 2017 for Mary, Chosen of God. Her books have received Gold and Silver Medallion Awards for Christian Fiction and she is a San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild “Writer of the Year.” Mary, Chosen of God is a 2017 Christy Award nominee. An inspirational speaker, Diana also leads creative writing and poetry workshops. She lives in San Diego with her husband, Frank. They have six grown children and ten grandchildren.

Diane Wallis Taylor

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Lydia, Woman of Philippi


Lydia Inspires

While reading Lydia, Woman of Philippi, I was inspired/encouraged to rely on God in a deeper way. Watching Lydia read, pray, and trust, even when it was HARD, was so neat. You aren’t left with the feeling of an impossible standard, because you see her struggle, sometimes for years, to come to a point of putting into action something she knows is right. Instead, you see a role model, flawed, but persistent.

It was an enjoyable read, easy to get into, and memorable. I really hope you’ll give it a chance. I’ve already read it twice, and will probably try to read it again close to Easter. (Can you tell I really liked the Passover / Last Supper Section?)

(I recieved an advanced reader copy of this book, but all opinions are my own)

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