Successful Menu Planning for Mood and Attitude Improvement

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Food for Mood and Attitude

Inside this post: Finding out what food does for YOUR FAMILY’S Mood and Attitude, free printables, and a limited time Menu Planning and Recipe Bundle Special!

Hey, have you noticed that your kids are often more agitated (or agitating?) around 4 PM? Or your husband is cranky at 11.30 on his day off? or, just maybe, You’re out of sorts yourself at 2 in the afternoon? When was the last time they (or you) had eaten? What had you eaten?

There are so many things that contribute to attitude and mood. Environment. Stress level. Sleep (or lack of sleep). Chemicals (in and around us). Vitamins. And on and on. But have you really considered food as part of that list?

*Note, This post contains affiliate links, and I am not a medical professional, I’m a Mom, sharing my experiences in the hopes that it will help someone else! You can read my full disclosure here.

Tracking My Family’s Mood and Attitude

I took notes for 3-4 days on who eats what, when, and how it effected everyone’s mood and attitude timing. I was surprised at what I found.

My 4 year old son (and my husband, too) usually don’t want breakfast before 9, if we’re not going somewhere. He gets cranky if he doesn’t at least snack around 11-11.30, then is usually good until 3.30-4 PM, and again about 8 PM. (Bedtime stall tactic? Probably. But the amount he eats proves he’s genuinely hungry, and I’d rather feed him at 8ish, than at midnight when he can’t sleep!)

It doesn’t exactly match up with my schedule, or my husband’s but knowing what the pattern is, I can anticipate moods, and have healthy snacks, or even earlier meals for him, and have a more peaceful home!

**Note, I should mention, with kids, Growth Spurts and other changes can seriously affect their meal timing. If you notice mood and attitude upsets at odd times, it may be time to add an extra [protein] snack.


I’ve also noticed, at least for us, if there’s not enough protein going in, mood suffers, tiredness increases, and generally it’s not pretty!

So that amounts to eating at least four times a day, or else a “Feed me before I turn into a Snickers Commercial” moment.

Brainstorming Menu Items

I know, 4 Meals? I have a hard time with 3! Okay, so Here’s the Plan:

I’m brainstorming our go to foods. You can see some of my favorites here.

        Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts.

        Home and Away meals and snacks.

Make a Menu based around our regular activity schedule and our Mood and Attitude schedule. (I prefer to have meals listed that I have everything for, not necessarily assigned to a day, just to be a little more flexible)

Make my Weekly or Monthly schedule of activities, and then plug in the meals and snacks that fit best. I’m also not afraid of leftovers. So cooking 1 meal, and making enough for one of tomorrow’s meals, or even 2-3 extra meals and freezing it so it’s ready to go, is something that works well for our family.

Schedule food prep time.

Weekly, Midweek, and Monthly, which will make shopping easier!

Not stress if we have to grab something on the go. After all, new habits take time. And planning. And Commitment. And Grace!

Try Menu Planning for Mood and Attitude at Your House

Wanna try it? There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a pattern. I know it can be tedious, but you may be surprised at what you see. Grab your free Food for Mood and Attitude Tracker and Menu Plan Brainstorming downloads now! Who knows, you might even figure out someone is allergic to something they are eating, and make a huge impact on household life! Because when you’re eating something you shouldn’t, you may not be ‘breaking out’ or having a hard time breathing. You could be getting Headaches more often than you should. Or be more Tired than you should be. Or Itchy. Achy. Or… Well, you get the idea. Any of these side effects can be more than enough to cause crankiness in even the sweetest disposition.

More than Mood and Attitude

For a limited time, (December 29, 2017 through January 5, 2018, There’s an incredible deal for the Healthy Meal Planning Ultimate Bundle

There are 10 separate bundles, each available for $27, or, you could get all of them for $47!!!

My favorite Bundles are:

  1. The Gluten Free Bundle: Allergy friendly recipes, coconut flour recipes, pastas, etc,
  2. The Budget Meals Bundle (who doesn’t like tips on how to stretch the food budget?) monthly and annual meal plan cookbooks, and more,
  3. The Freezer/Batch Cooking Bundle (I’ll be needing this one as the Baby is coming soon!) this one is packed with the how to , what works, and tasty recipes! and of course, 
  4. The Meal Planning Bundle: There is a 10 day (20 minutes) Meal Planning Boot Camp that’s really cool, and a Capsule Pantry Blueprint e-course to simplify your ingredient list, and clean up your pantry!

There are also Keto, Paleo/Primal, Real Food/Clean Eating, Vegan, Quick Meals, and Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Bundles as well!

*Each mini bundle comes with a 4 week quick start guide, using the mini bundle’s recipes, each weekly plan has 7 breakfast, lunch,dinner and dessert recipes, and a ready made grocery list!*

Its pretty exciting to get over $1,100 in cookbooks and menu planning resources for only $47. 

Click here to check it out for yourself!

And remember to Grab your free Food for Mood and Attitude Tracker and Menu Plan Brainstorming downloads now!

11 Comments on “Successful Menu Planning for Mood and Attitude Improvement”

  1. Thank you for this post! It makes a lot of sense! As a mom of two littles I definitely understand the correlation between moods and food!

    1. I’m glad it made sense! To track the pattern and preempt some meltdowns (in both the little ones and the big ones!) can really go a long way!

  2. I have just recently began to notice the correlation between the food our family eats and overall mood. I was shocked at what a difference it made by simply eating more fruits and veggies! Now I just need to get on board with meal planning, I’m awful when it comes to that. I subscribed to your email list so I can get going with meal planning. Thanks for putting the printables together. I’m looking forward to using them!

    1. Awesome! It’s so cool that you were already noticing this pattern, I hope these printables help you in the next steps!

    1. 🙂 I’m afraid most of us are, but some hide it better than others (internal comments we would never dream of speaking aloud)!

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