Walking Worthy of the Calling

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We are Worthy, Because of Psalm 139.14

Valuable. Worthy. So many of us struggle with feeling unworthy. But that is SO not true! You, me, that difficult person in your life, we are worthy-we have value- because we are God’s creation. Learning that, getting it deep down in your heart is absolutely life changing. It effects how we treat ourselves, and how we treat our family, neighbors, strangers at the store, and that person whose driving is more thoughtless (Wreckless?) than it should be. When we see worthy, instead of junk, we can apply grace.

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It doesn’t come naturally, seeing the Worthy in and around us. We have to start with God. God has given us an identity.

-First, we are His creation, an outpouring of His love and creativity. Each one unique and valuable, and Loved by God. Just because HE made us. That’s Everyone on Earth.

-Second, once we have accepted Jesus and His incredible sacrifice, our blessings increase.
our identity becomes more complex. We become citizens, ambassadors, and heirs!

I want you to think about a recent difficult experience. Think through it with the filter of Identity in Christ. (or Identity as God’s Creation if you are unsure of the other party’s salvation) How could you have responded differently? A thought that you could have ‘on file’ for the next similar encounter, where you can change tacks and offer Grace.

A Recent Example from My Life

My Perspective:

Last weekend, I had a migraine. It was Saturday afternoon, and I took a chance, texted my Chiropractor, to ask for advice. She happened to be in the office (on her day off!), and said Come. I called my mother-in-law, who was available to drive me. Walking to the car, I stepped in a hole and sprained my ankle. Fun. My Chiropractor solved the headache, taped my ankle, and provided a pair of crutches (while dealing with her own mini-crisis in the middle). She prayed over me and fed me a snack 😊 My husband had called while I was getting my adjustment, offering to pick up Chinese for dinner. So thoughtful! I happened to have dinner already in the crockpot, so he was off the hook.

He helped me with some things Saturday night, and Sunday morning, but seemed very resentful. I felt awful. I was in pain, I take care of him all the time. He could see I was hurting, why can’t he be a little more pleasant when I ask for so little!

Sunday morning, I read this awesome article on Grace. Perspective shift!!

My New Idea of His Perspective:

“I worked all week-6 days, put in 12-14 hour days. Didn’t have a restful weekend before that, Oh, and Irma. Don’t forget all the stress and work dealing with Hurricane Irma. I’m Physically exhausted. Dehydrated. Etc. Oh no, My wife fell. She’s pregnant. She’s now on crutches. Is she going to be okay? Am I going to have to stay home from work to help Monday? Add Mental Exhaustion.”

Looking at it that way, it probably wasn’t all resentment. It was “beyond my limit, and now she can’t carry her water to the table?” Totally Maxed Out and unable to help. Then, mostly because of my attitude shift, and not wanting to add to his burden, and partly because I was feeling a little better, I started thinking through how I could do some things, that meant I didn’t have to ask for help all the time. By midafternoon I felt confident to tell him to go to work on Monday, I could manage (with my Little Guy’s help) and had a list of people in mind to call if I needed anything.
By giving him Grace, not allowing the hurt feelings and remembering how hard he works, Remembering His (and MY) Identity, I was able to correct my attitude. I didn’t have to own his seeming resentment.

Worty of the Calling

Worthy of the Calling

I have to admit, my heart was softened in advance because I am on the launch team for an incredible new (FREE) Bible study on Ephesians: Worthy of the Calling. I received an advance copy of the study, and WOW! With so many lessons on Identity, Inheritance, Purpose and Grace, Practical explanations and applications, this study really connected with me.

I’ve known since I was little that as a child of the King, I was loved and special… (head knowledge) but the heart knowledge connection has been pretty weak sometimes. I compare, even knowing better, and it gets discouraging. But spending time in this study, focusing on my Identity, Who I am/Whose I am, and then the inner workings of what that should look like lived out, well, It was a big help. Even with the quick-read pace in order to be able to review the study! I can hardly wait until October 16, for the daily emails to start. Going through it again, with you all, is going to be fantastic. I’m anticipating some great discussion over on the Facebook page!

When you see how she incorporates a few Greek definitions, a dash of “Choose Your Own Adventures” an incredible handling of submission, and the visualizations Sarah comes up with, to put some of these ancient writings into a little more modern context for us, things will come together and just click so well! They are in-depth, but still short enough to fit with busy life.

Here are 7 quick facts about the Worthy of the Calling Study:

▪It’s a FREE email-based online Bible study.
▪It takes just 10-15 minutes per day to complete.
▪It follows a five days on, two days off format.
▪It covers the whole book of Ephesians.
▪It includes 4 free digital gifts from Sarah’s Creative Partners.
▪ It launches on October 16, 2017
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Throughout the month of October, we will be celebrating the release of this powerful new study with weekly giveaways at SarahKoontz.com and other collaborating blogs.

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The beautiful truths of Ephesians will teach you…
• How to Root your life in God’s Word
• How to Access your Spiritual Wealth
• How God’s Work Empowers your Walk
• What it means to be Alive in Christ
• How to Love because you are Loved
• How to Pray with Perseverance
• How to Foster your Spiritual Gifts

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What can I expect once I register for the Worthy study?

My friend, you are in for a treat! The Worthy of the Calling Study officially starts October 16, 2017 but you will begin receiving Sarah’s weekly SOULfood e-mails and blog posts as soon as you pre-register.
This is a good thing because she’s offering several Ephesians inspired giveaways on her blog throughout the month of October (and you won’t want to miss those!).
Throughout the study, you will receive daily e-mails including a brief Scripture reading and devotional along with shareable quote graphics.
It takes just 10-15 minutes per day to complete the study (and there are two rest-days each week to catch up if you fall behind).
And the free digital gifts are AMAZING! To see what’s included in this beautiful study, I encourage you to head on over to Sarah’s website and be sure to pre-register while you are there.

Sarah Koontz Worthy Study

You can also find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Read Sarah’s bio here.

Walking Worthy of the Calling

After things settled down this week, and I was managing fairly well, with a bit of help from some wonderful cousins 😊 my husband looked up from what he was doing one evening, and said, “Is that the same ankle you sprained, when you were on crutches last time, when we first started going out?” I guess he had a flashback. He’s been a bit less exhausted this week, and able to help more easily when needed.
As painful as it’s been, it’s been a good week.
When my doctor’s appointment was almost an hour late, I was able to give Grace, and not be stressed or unpleasant as a result (even with an exhausted 4-year-old in tow). There has not been as much patience with my active and energetic little guy, unfortunately.
I am a work in progress, and continue to learn about walking Worthy of the Calling He has given me. I hope you will join me in this study, and in this Growth Challenge!
Sarah did an interview last week, which I was able to participate in. I plan to share portions of that interview on my Facebook Page throughout this week, so please keep an eye out, you won’t be disappointed!

13 Comments on “Walking Worthy of the Calling”

    1. Thank you Sharon! It’s true, Grace is absolutely critical! And thank you, yes, I am improving. Still on crutches, but definitely doing better!

  1. I love this Aryn! I am new to your blog, but part of the launch team for Sarah’s #WorthyOfTheCalling Study! You done an outstanding job on this review. I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

  2. I hope you are feeling better! And you are so right about perspective, I have experienced this same revelation recently. God bless!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m getting there. Still not supposed to put weight on my foot yet.
      I’ve learned that lesson a few times, perspective changes things. Then I get stressed or hurt, and have to relearn it again!

  3. Oh no, I hope you are doing better! I completely understand about your husband’s attitude; my husband gives off that same attitude a lot of times. Mainly, he is NOT into acts of service, even if I am sick or hurt. He does them, though, with or without a bad attitude. But it goes to show that regardless of his attitude, I need to show grace and mercy because it’s what Christ would want me to do! It starts with my thoughts, so if I can exude self-control over what I think about the situation, then I find myself not as critical and annoyed:)

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